The Multitone Messenger App

The Multitone
Messenger App

Dynamic, reliable and secure internal communications
for public & private sector organisations

Dynamic, reliable and secure internal communications for public & private sector organisations

The Multitone Messenger App

Dynamic, reliable and secure internal communications for public & private sector organisations

Secure, effective communications for iOS and Android devices

Whatever your environment and specific needs and challenges, you are likely to be using smartphone apps to communicate and share content with colleagues. In healthcare, this can include sensitive patient data or medical images. In businesses, these communications may include confidential documents and discussions. In such situations, publicly available messaging apps may offer the right functionality but lack the necessary security.

Informed by our extensive work with hospital cardiac teams, firefighters, and professionals across many other industries, the Multitone Messenger application has been designed specifically to provide secure, effective communications between an organisation’s key users and teams.

Multitone Messenger: More than just a chat app

As well as providing a powerful, GDPR-compliant platform for everyday communications, Multitone Messenger is ideal for getting critical messages across to staff – complementing doctors’ pagers in hospitals or notifying on-call engineers when there’s an important matter that needs their attention.

Multitone's messaging app provides the same intuitive private and group messaging capabilities as publicly available apps, alongside a host of other features which create a powerful internal critical communications tool for organisations: including Do Not Disturb (DND) override for high-priority messages, data segregation for security, and the ability to look up and contact colleagues by department and position whilst keeping phone numbers private.

It also transcends in-app messaging; messages can be sent with the app to recipients using their preferred communication methods, by email, SMS, or pager. All communication is logged by the Multitone i-Message system, giving a detailed audit trail – Sent, Received, etc. – providing valuable management information.

Our app is ideal for hospitals as a clinical communications tool, for emergency services, security teams and a variety of other organisations who rely on staff being able to reach each other and collaborate quickly, securely and reliably.

Doctor using a smartphone running the Multitone messaging app, and showing the status screen on the phone.

To find out more information why not download the Multitone Messenger Brochure.

An adaptable, reliable & safe communications solution

Device agnostic: works across Android and iOS platforms, so there’s no need to replace your organisation’s existing smartphones or switch to a different app if you do

Privacy of contact: contact details are hidden, so phone numbers and email address can be used, but not seen

Security through encryption & segregation: all our app data is encrypted & stored separately from other app data on your device

Multitone Messenger's key features

Fully secure communications

All encrypted data is backed-up onto the secure Multitone i-Message server. Sensitive information can be safely wiped from a device if it is lost or stolen and then retrieved from the server.

Impossible to ignore

Critical alerts can override silent & do not disturb settings, ensuring staff notice and respond to the most important messages when every second counts.

Guaranteed message delivery

The app transitions seamlessly between Wi-Fi & public data networks, can deliver messages via multiple mediums and provides proof of delivery to the originator, as well as logging it on the system.

Team messaging

The application provides the option to send a message to an entire team or department, enabling quick communication within the business.

Closed group communications

Only users within the server are available to contact, creating a productive environment for business communication.

Audit trail

Multitone's solution stores all messages sent and received for later reviewing.

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