Multitone i-Message

Multitone i-Message

What is i-Message?

Multitone i-Message is a hybrid messaging platform.

It plays an essential role in many of Multitone's innovative integration and communications solutions.

What does it do?

Multitone i-Message acts as both a communications hub and a control centre, processing data from myriad sources, facilitating communication between disparate devices, executing automations and providing the administration interface for a number of Multitone solutions.

Multitone i-Message:

  • Unifies devices into an integrated system, even if their firmware is incompatible
  • Transmits, stores and backs-up data
  • Allows centralised monitoring, messaging & administration

How is it available?

Cloud service

Provides all the functionality of a regular i-Message system via the cloud. Fully secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

i-Message Server

Our classic i-Message system sits within your premises on your network, behind your firewalls. Provides for thousands of users and can operate solely on LAN.


Like i-Message, IM-Lite is an on-site system offering full functionality for up to 500 users at a reduced size and energy requirement.

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