Nurse Call Solution

Fixed & portable system with advanced auto-location technology to speed up response times & safeguard lives

Multitone's innovative EkoCare nurse call solution for care homes, nursing homes and hospitals features both wall-based and mobile alarms, which identify user location by using a system of signal repeaters placed around the facility. This ensures that whether residents or patients are in bed or mobile, they can get help as quickly as possible at the push of a button. Messenger units alert staff members with location and device name information when a call for assistance or emergency help is made, and they can use the system to raise alerts of their own.

Based on wireless, failsafe technology, our nurse call system can be installed quickly and economically as it doesn’t require expensive, disruptive mains rewiring, and offers unparalleled reliability - in the unlikely event of a repeater failing or staff not acknowledging the alarm, the message will be re-routed, ensuring alarms never go unanswered.

With the Multitone nurse call solution, your facility, whether it’s a hospital, care home or residential clinic, will have a cost-effective, simple-to-use and reliable system for protecting the lives and wellbeing of patients, residents and staff alike; supporting the delivery of high quality care, the promotion of service user independence and the fulfilment of CQC standards.

Nurse with care home resident
EkoTek Nurse Call Messenger and Fob 02

To find out more information why not download the Multitone Nurse Call Solution Brochure.

The solution's key features

Anytime, anywhere alarms

Wall-mounted, hand-held and pull-cord units (for bathrooms) means you can raise the alarm wherever you are and the system will report your location to the relevant staff.

Staff safety and assistance

Staff can communicate with each other for assistance or in the case of an emergency.

Easy, quick and economical to install

Wireless repeater units offer rapid installation, minimising costs due to no mains rewiring and no ward closures.

Complete visibility

The solution can monitor all staff-resident contact – both alarmed and scheduled – and produce reports for management planning and relative reassurance purposes.

Reliability you can trust

The solution is radio-based, delivering superior transmission and accuracy through our failsafe mesh network.

Developed for your environment

Robust, water proof at IP67 and include anti-microbial technology, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, thereby reducing the threat of cross-contamination.

Manage your nurse call system with EkoMS

EkoMS is a management tool for use with the EkoCare system. As well as simplifying administration of the system, it has powerful features which further enhance patient safety by improving response times and processes. EkoMS features:

  • An intuitive management dashboard
  • A live alarm board, providing complete situational awareness
  • A live map board, allowing you to pinpoint alarm location at a glance
  • Detailed reports to help improve processes and demonstrate fulfilment of CQC standards

Download the Nurse Call Solution Brochure

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