Paging Solutions

Reliable critical communications for businesses
& public service providers

Even in the era of mobile internet, we can't always be reached by phone. But paging just works.

We've all experienced losing mobile signal in the countryside, and even in the city. Where reception isn't absent altogether, sometimes the network is so congested that nothing works. And that doesn't take into account quick-draining batteries and fragility. It's all too easy to drop your phone and smash the screen.

These may be inconveniences for some, but for doctors, firefighters, lifeboat crews and other critical workers in the public sector and private industry, being out of contact simply isn't an option.

The most reliable communications technology

Paging is a rugged, reliable technology, operating independently of telephone and internet networks, which can continue to work under any circumstances. The other advantage is that, in an age of information overload, as a separate device intended only for key communications you can be sure staff will always pick up their pagers straight away the moment the bleep sounds.

Multitone were pioneers in paging, inventing the world's first closed loop paging system at St. Thomas’ Hospital (UK) in 1956. Things have changed a lot since then, but paging remains a key part of our offering, especially for emergency services - we supply pagers (also known as bleepers or alerters) and paging infrastructure to the majority of UK and Irish Fire & Rescue services, numerous NHS hospitals, and the RNLI.

Paging is just one of a myriad of communications solutions Multitone offer, all of which can complement each other for a comprehensive comms system for your organisation, covering each and every need.

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Paging systems are ideal for:

  • Fire & rescue services
  • NHS doctors
  • Mountain rescue teams
  • Lifeboat crews
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Site maintenance teams
  • On-call workers
  • Government agencies
  • Security & national defence

The benefits of paging

Dedicated system for critical alerts ensures quicker responses

Operates as part of independent radio network, free of cellular network congestion or service interruption

Works in areas where there is poor or absent mobile reception - especially useful for rural areas

With independent transmitters and backup power, system can continue to operate during blackouts and crises

Pagers have long battery life, are rugged and far more reliable than smartphones

Two-way pagers allow for message acknowledgement, so the originator knows who is responding to the call-out

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