Staff Safety & Lone worker solution

Providing security and safety for staff by ensuring help is only a button-press away

Multitone's staff safety and lone worker solution has been designed to offer peace of mind with highly effective communications. It is a reliable, battery-operated, self-healing wireless mesh network which transmits the location and alert-level of an alarm directly to designated responders, with alert acknowledgement and auto-escalation.

Members of your staff, who work either on-site by themselves or in challenging environments, can summon immediate assistance with a discreet, portable device should they feel at risk. For additional safety, it can also be configured with man-down and dead-man functionality.

In short, our award-winning EkoTek staff safety system protects workers by ensuring the delivery of vital alarm and location information at the press of a button.

Multitone's easy to use, two-way communications system is designed for simplicity of installation and to deliver a cost-effective solution for staff safety. It is ideal for many different applications within public and private healthcare, psychiatric care and rehabilitation, education, manufacturing and in courts of law to name a few. Thanks to our ATEX pager, the system can also be deployed in areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Multitone's staff safety solution:

  • Provides staff with a means by which they can easily and discreetly call for assistance with reassurance that help is on its way.
  • Continuously monitors all wireless devices and network components for battery life and status.
  • Protects isolated or vulnerable workers - the dead-man alarm function requires the user to acknowledge an automatically generated alert, signalling the user is well. Failure to do so will raise a high priority alarm.
  • Automatically registers devices and forms a wireless mesh network regardless of the physical layout and construction of the building, including both indoor and outdoor areas, such as car parks or walkways.
  • Provides accurate location information so that users can be found quickly, reducing the risk of any incidents escalating.

Why EkoTek?

  • 15% of NHS staff experienced physical violence from patients, their relatives or other members of the public over a 12-month period (NHS Staff Survey 2019)
  • Across England & Wales, 374,000 adults experienced violence at work in 2017/18 (CSEW)
  • Slips, trips & falls accounted for 29% of non-fatal workplace injuries in 2018/19 (RIDDOR)
  • The EkoTek staff safety system provides staff with portable devices which can be used as attack alarms or to call for help after an accident. They can also detect a fall and raise an alarm automatically

To find out more information why not download the Staff Safety & Lone Worker Solution Brochure.

For more information about our ATEX pagers for potentially explosive atmospheres, download the ATEX Pager Brochure.

The benefits of Multitone's solution

Integrates with other alarm and communication systems

No impact on existing infrastructure

Addresses safety and communication concerns

Accurate location reporting

Easy to install - no wires

Reduces associated business risk

Quick and easy to deploy

Fast and reliable alerting

Full personal security

The solution's key features

Emergency Alarm

The red button triggers a critical alert to summon help, including location and user information. An escalation process ensures all alarms need to be accepted with a response.

Man down

On suffering a fall, an alarm is raised with escalation.

Mesh Network

Broken or disrupted repeaters won’t distract the transmission of an alarm.

Snatch Cord

During an incident, pulling the snatch cord provides an instant alarm should the device be removed from the wearer.

Dead Man

Raises an alarm if no response is received to a scheduled request, with escalation.

Call for Assistance

The blue button offers a second non-critical alert to that of the emergency alert.

Manage your staff safety solution with EkoMS

EkoMS is a management tool for use with the EkoTek system. As well as simplifying administration of the system, it has powerful features which further enhance staff safety by improving response times and processes. EkoMS features:

  • An intuitive management dashboard
  • A live alarm board, providing complete situational awareness
  • A live map board which allows you to pinpoint alarm location at a glance
  • Detailed reports to help improve processes and demonstrate fulfilment of health & safety policy

Download the Staff Safety
& Lone Worker Solution Brochure

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