Staff Safety

How do you reduce the instances of threats of verbal or physical abuse in the workplace? As well as boosting staff self-confidence, productivity and minimising stress- related absenteeism? A range of solutions from Multitone will help plus boost staff self-confidence, productivity and minimise stress- related absenteeism.

The Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 stipulates all employers have a duty of care, requiring senior management within an organisation to create, develop and maintain a ‘relevant duty of care’.

Healthcare needs

As a highly complex organisation, the healthcare sector needs to be particularly mindful of protecting staff as well as patients. As a staple of staff protection in the field, mobile communications technology has also come to the fore in protecting people onsite as well.

There are many areas inside a hospital or healthcare facility where staff are exposed to potential danger, i.e. a nurse monitoring a ward at night, staff working with controlled drugs or within an A&E department for example. 

Often the need to call for assistance is immediate, yet the ability to make a call may be minimised. In these circumstances, there are several things to consider:

  • Will an audible alarm exacerbate an already tense situation?
  • What level of support is really needed?
  • What dangers are apparent?
  • What information can be gleaned from the support system?
  • Can the person raising the alarm be given confirmation that help is on hand, so they can act accordingly?


Using the right technology

Personal security works at its optimum when if offers a fuller picture, not just the alert but also the level of severity and the precise location. Multitone’s EkoTek wireless staff protection solution for example, delivers all of this information at the touch of button. Equally, Multitone’s i-Message comprehensive communication platform offers further integration of the latest mobile devices with existing internal systems, to create an even more powerful and information-rich staff protection system.