Unified Messaging

Reaching the right people - first time, every time, in quick time

Modern life insists that the communications around your campus, arena, mall or building keep pace with the demands of your organisational goals, the security and safety of your staff, customers and patients, and the ever-evolving challenges of our 21st century world. 

  • In a hospital emergency, you don’t want to waste vital seconds looking up if it’s Mr. Smith, Mrs. Jones or Mr. Brown on duty at present.  You just want to message “Vascular Surgeon on call” and let the system find the right person.
  • In a ‘suspicious person’ alert at your shopping mall, you don’t want to annoy the security personnel on leave or otherwise not on duty – and risk clogging the system with redundant “I am not responding” messages.  You just want to get the right information out to the right people right away.
  • You want automatic escalation if a call remains unanswered; you want automatic override so that emergency messages can break through others; and you want the security of encryption and the segregation of messages on devices.

Whatever your multi-destination campus communications needs, i-Message and the Appear app from Multitone empower you to send messages that reach the right people first time, every time, in quick time.

Manually or automatically generated, emergency, for information or to alert, this unified messaging platform integrates email, SMS, voicemail, video, paging to voice application using DECT, Wi-Fi, 2 way radio, or IP telephony.