Introducing Spectralink’s Versity in partnership with Multitone

Two leading-edge technologies, one exceptional solution.

We here at Multitone Electronics are happy to introduce through our longstanding partnership with Spectralink, their leading smartphone technologies platform, Versity, blended perfectly with Multitone’s Messaging and mass communication software, Multitone I-Message, with Multitone Appear secure smart messaging solutions.

Ensuring that smartphone technologies are enabled to work in all industries and environments is critical for the reason that according to VDC Research, smartphone deployments supporting line of business applications is expected to grow by over 9% compounded annually through 2021.

Versity smartphones provide mobile workers with a powerful, intuitive communication tool that enables real-time collaboration, faster decision making and quicker customer responses in a purpose-built device for enterprises. “The Versity mobile solution is optimised for mission-critical healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality environments,” notes Doug Werking, CEO of Spectralink. “Versity helps organisations drive productivity gains by eliminating communication bottlenecks, streamlining workflows and improving customer service.”

Spectralink’s Versity device with Multitone I-Message software creates a product which is designed to aid in reaching the right people – first time, every time.

Multitone i-Message is a flexible communication platform that consolidates business processes and controls information flow with the utmost of security and resilience. This system is designed to work with numerous technologies and devices to ensure that organisations can function in the most effective manner. If there is a need to alter or adopt new systems Multitone i-Message ensures that many differing technologies work in unison to create a cohesive communication and management information structure.

The blend of Spectralinks Versity device with Multitone’s software I-Message platform, creates a dynamic and integrated solution which can be unified into numerous industries and sectors and will provide benefits to a large range of organisation who depend on ensured communications, and critical messaging for their businesses daily operation.

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