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National Health Service (NHS)

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Multitone have provided critical communications systems to NHS Trusts for decades. Now, we're leveraging our deep understanding of the needs of NHS hospitals and the challenges they face to deliver technologies that will revolutionise clinical comms, transform bed and equipment management and create safer workspaces for patients and staff.

Private Healthcare

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Multitone's communications and integration technologies can do more than just drive efficiency and facilitate better patient care: they can improve your patient's experience, too. Our nurse call system ensures that, even away from their beds, patients are guaranteed rapid assistance, while our estate alerts system can empower patients with a simple tablet-based interface for making requests.

UK & Republic of Ireland
Fire & Rescue Services

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Having worked with Fire & Rescue Services supporting critical communications for over 60 years, Multitone offers a proven level of expertise and experience through our products and services. Through station-end technology, alerters and our Crew App, Multitone guarantees the fastest possible mobilisation.

Royal National
Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

RNLI Lifeboat on water

 With over 4,400 volunteer crew-members manning over 230 stations throughout the British Isles, accurate, fast, reliable communication is paramount for the RNLI.

Multitone were able to offer the RNLI a unique new system for mobilising lifeboat crews across the country, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Elderly Care

In care homes and assisted-living environments, it's vital that residents are safe and able to receive help quickly from staff. However, thanks to our technology, this needn't come at the expense of their privacy or mobility.

Our nurse call system uses location-based, automated alarm technology to ensure that wherever they are, residents are protected by fixed & portable alarms.


Mobility is key when it comes to university campus life. Students, lecturers, security and maintenance staff depend on effective communication networks to ensure a safe, secure, well-maintained and smoothly-functioning campus. Multitone can provide this thanks to our alarm centralisation, IoT integration, personal safety, communication app and mass messaging solutions


By delivering real-time, secure team collaboration, streamlining processes, mobilising staff and facilitating cutting-edge check-in and room service processes, Multitone helps ensure consistency and quality of customer service and guest experience in the hospitality industry.

Estate Management

Management of a large estate can be complex, with many different teams, stakeholders and building systems to interlink, coordinate and manage. The key to this is rapid, effective communications, integration between devices, systems and processes, and intelligent automation. Multitone's solutions put all the information your staff need at their fingertips.


Communications between security, maintenance, management and tenants play a critical role within the retail industry.

Multitone systems help retailers provide an increased level of customer satisfaction and retention by improving response times to market demands and by continuously engaging with customers.

Transport Hubs

Multitone understands that transport hubs are fast-moving, high-footfall environments where security and safety is absolutely paramount.

Multitone offers fail-safe, cost-effective communication systems that can be used to manage and control access to high security areas, handle critical communications, and ensure an effective response to an emergency.

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