Multitone's Verticals

National Health Service (NHS)

Multitone’s latest range of integrated communications systems build upon over 60 years of working directly with the medical teams and individuals that rely upon this technology to save lives. Multitone works with numerous NHS Trusts across the UK and in doing so we have learnt about many of the challenges when it comes to providing effective communications systems

In fact, it was a partnership with Multitone in 1956 that saw the pioneering installation of the first NHS paging system at St. Thomas’ Hospital in central London.

Private Healthcare

It goes without saying that communications are a key tool for the healthcare sector, but finding and choosing the right solution for deliverables and cost-efficiency can be difficult.  Multitone’s solutions are perfect for all healthcare situations, improving quality of care in hospitals, GP practices and treatment centres. We provide secure, real-time care team collaboration solutions which streamline processes, achieve better care delivery and improved patient engagement.

Multitone’s systems are designed to meet both the technology and practical needs of your communications requirements.

UK & ROI Fire Services

With over 60 years’ supporting critical communications, Multitone offers a proven level of expertise and experience through its products and services. Multitone understands that every second counts when it comes to mobilising teams in emergency situations.

Being able to manage and control the communication around any emergency helps to ensure best practise and training is followed, reducing risk and increasing effectiveness.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

Since it was founded in 1824 the RNLI has expanded to 230 stations with over 300 lifeboats across the UK, providing a year-round 24/7 rescue service. With over 4,400 volunteer crew-members located all around the British coastline, accurate, fast communication is paramount.

Multitone were able to offer the RNLI a unique new system capable of meeting all the requirements that they desired.

Estate Management 

Modern life insists that the communications around your estate facilities keep pace with the demands of your organisational goals, the security and safety of your staff, tenants and visitors, and the ever-evolving challenges of our 21st century world.

Businesses often ask, how do you monitor the plethora of building management systems, from critical equipment, to manufacturing lines, to that of a simple doorbell? With limited staff and multiple systems that can be activated, you need to simplify your communications.


Communications between security, maintenance, management and tenants play a critical part within the retail industry. However, finding and choosing the right solution - in terms of deliverables and cost-efficiency - can be difficult, especially with so much potential choice on offer.

Multitone systems help retailers provide an increased level of customer satisfaction and retention by improving response times to market demands and continuously staying engaged with customers.


Mobility is key when it comes to university campus life. Students, lecturers, security and maintenance depend on effective communication networks in order to ensure a secure campus, maintain the estate, and find people easily when the need arises.

Elderly Care

Multitone solutions create care homes and assisted living environments that are safe, enable independence and improve the well-being of residents by connecting people and healthcare information in meaningful ways.

Care homes differ from other workplaces because they are also homes. It is therefore important that they are pleasant places where the freedom and dignity of residents is respected, and where everyone’s health & safety is sensibly and effectively managed.

Transport Hubs

Multitone understands that transport hubs are continually working to tight timelines and have a constant flow of activity, customers, staff, equipment all of which has to adhere to exceptional levels of security and with our solutions can solve a number of problems. 

Multitone offers failsafe and cost-effective communication systems that can be used to manage and control access to high security areas, can handle critical communications or can just be used to get the attention of staff in remote areas of your site, all with high levels of security.


First-class guest experience is crucial in your business. Exceptional staff retention and customer satisfaction sets you apart from your competition. Operational efficiency is key to your future success. 

By delivering real-time, secure team collaboration, streamlining processes and mobilising staff, Multitone helps the hospitality sector ensure consistency and quality of guest service, encourages team work and lowers costs, all while providing a safe and relaxed environment for staff and guests.