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Why Communication is Key When Heading Back to School

The new academic year has begun and institutions are welcoming back over 14 million students and nearly two million staff in the UK. As we plan for academic achievement in the year ahead, how do we ensure we have the correct foundation of safety in place in our schools, colleges and universities?

Be it teaching staff, security teams or maintenance divisions, good communications are at the heart of running and protecting any effective educational establishment. This is where a robust and well-managed unified messaging system makes all the difference, so students and staff feel confident in reaching their targets within a safe and relaxed environment.

Reaching the right individuals and teams

Being able to message a large group of people en masse is relatively straightforward with a modern smart device. However, reaching the right people as fast as possible is more of a challenge.

A powerful unified messaging system such as Multitone’s i-Message is perfect for addressing this need. Staff shift patterns, annual leave, seniority and availability are all addressed automatically, along with the best method of contacting each person at any given time.

Unified messaging intelligently alerts the right people at the right time, through a multitude of platform options including: email, text, paging, voicemail, video, paging to voice using cell phones, DECT, Wi-Fi, 2-way radio, and IP telephony. This ensures messages are always sent in the most suitable way and acknowledgement details are immediately visible.

Unified messaging benefits

The benefits of reaching the right person or team, exactly when they are needed, are obvious. Take a medical emergency for example; a student has collapsed and needs immediate medical attention. It’s vital that the on-site medical team are notified and dispatched immediately, along with any escalation to the emergency services if required.

Another example is an alert that an unauthorised person has entered the campus, perhaps out of hours or in a restricted area, such as a laboratory. It is vital that the alert reaches the security team members who are on duty, rather than being routed to those who are operating at another site or are on annual leave. This can also be shared instantly with selected teaching staff.

Unified messaging is suitable for all educational establishments.  From nurseries right up to the most sophisticated training or university campus, effective and accurate communications are always a worthwhile investment.