Wireless EkoCare nurse call solution installed in private clinic’s listed building in Dassow, Germany

The Klinikum Schloss Lütgenhof is a private clinic specialising in the treatment of stress-related illnesses in Dassow, a town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. It combines conventional medicine with psychosocial diagnostics and therapy, providing tailored programs for each patient.

The clinic itself is within a beautiful 19th century listed building surrounded by greenery. Its owners required a nurse call system, but wanted to avoid the extensive wiring work this would usually entail. Fortunately, there was an alternative: Multitone’s innovative wireless EkoCare nurse call system.

The system installed at the clinic includes wall-mounted nurse call units in patient’s rooms and over-door lights for rooms and bathrooms. It incorporates both calls for assistance and emergencies, allowing staff to respond with the appropriate urgency. In addition, portable Messenger units for the nursing staff, which both receive alerts and can raise alarms of their own, and small portable alarm fobs for the patients can be integrated into the system. This would allow them to call for assistance or raise an emergency from anywhere on the premises, with their location pinpointed by the EkoTek Repeater network.

With the EkoCare system, both assistance and emergency calls can be sent in a matter of seconds from any location within the wireless network to nurses in the house or the nursing staff room. Multitone’s EkoTek technology means the exact location of the person calling for help is transmitted, enabling immediate and targeted deployment of the nursing staff. Because it’s a wireless system, EkoCare can be implemented quickly and with little disruption, and is ideal for retrofitting existing buildings or even for temporary use.

As a wireless system, EkoCare alerts staff if there are technical faults or low batteries automatically, and thanks to its mesh network, the failure of one Repeater does not prevent alarm transmission.

Because of the flexibility of Multitone’s critical messaging technology, additional alarm systems can also be integrated into an automated staff alerts solution, including fire alarms and intruder alarms. Indeed, Multitone are able to provide a joined-up solution for an organisation’s system integration, equipment tracking and communication needs.

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