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Staff Safety, Lone Worker & Nurse Call

We ensure staff have the right communication and messaging tools at their fingertips to facilitate a safe, efficient and productive working environment. Our staff safety system and nurse call solutions are designed to offer peace of mind with discreet staff safety and communication systems.

We also offer award-winning lone worker solutions for your staff, who work either by themselves or in challenging environments, meaning that they can summon immediate assistance from a dedicated support team should they ever feel unsafe.

Mass Messaging & Smart Applications

Multitone offers both a messenger application and a mass messaging solution: These are designed to ensure that whatever your environment and specific communication needs and challenges, Multitone can aid in ensuring safe and secure communications, getting to the right people first time, every time.

Estate Management (Centralised Alarms)

Modern businesses often feature a mixture of public areas, storage facilities, private staff-only areas, various amenities and large complexes that have multifaceted organisational and operational needs. A key ingredient to managing these amenities is seamless communication between individuals and the facilities estate management team.

Our solution is a key component to managing this, as we can create integrated alarm management and communications, which not only improves response times to what could be time sensitive situations but also provide a real-time operational overview and mitigates the risk of loss to your business.

Major Incident Management (MAJAX)

Efficient, effective and timely management of a major incident is a key challenge for any organisation. The effectiveness of your communications and responses will never be under more scrutiny than when a major incident is declared.

Our command and control solution allows you to initiate and mobilise the right teams from the moment the incident is declared, getting the right message to the right people using multiple media – text, email, bleeps, smart apps.

Asset Management Solution

The ability to understand the location and status of every physical asset is becoming a necessity within healthcare and the raft of legal, regulatory and policy forces driving the adoption of effective asset utilisation has never been greater.

Our solution uses discrete tracking tags, attached to each item of equipment which, upon entering key chokepoints, allows for identification and tracing of said equipment as it moves from location to location around the facility.

Bespoke Solutions

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As a specialist in the development and delivery of highly resilient, integrated messaging solutions, we can offer a number of creative and bespoke options that meet a whole range of needs across a wide range of sectors and industries.

We will enable your organisations to optimise efficiency, reduce costs and improve organisational effectiveness, via a mix of Multitone’s hardware and application solutions.

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