Investment in safety solutions needed to protect growing numbers of health and lone working staff

Increasing ‘out of hospital’ care and seeking greater integration between primary and community services is a key objective of the NHS Long Term Plan, published in January. New investment in multidisciplinary teams working with GP practices will facilitate the treatment of more patients at home and, combined with the use of new technology, help to keep more patients in the comfort of their own homes. 

The work of community nurses, mental health workers and other outreach staff is crucial to making this policy initiative a success.  As priorities shift towards looking after more people at home as opposed to in a traditional hospital environment, health care managers need to consider how their primary and community health teams can be supported. Ensuring that as these critical staff members undertake their vital work they are safe, secure and in touch with colleagues at all times. 

Most operational systems enable health teams to communicate effectively within a healthcare campus or building. However, with an increasing shift towards staff working off-site, these operational on-premise IT solutions are insufficient to cope – with staff whom are off site, who require a system which can work beyond a hospital ward.

Multitone has developed a range of solutions to support staff safety and lone worker solutions using its extensive experience in mobile communications technology for NHS personnel working both onsite and offsite, including its award-winning EkoTek and EkoSecure products.

Lone workers can face challenging or difficult situations at times requiring urgent communication with colleagues and Multitone understands this and aim to create safety, security and reassurance that the communication is sent to the right person, quickly and reliably. 

Multitone’s devices and applications benefit from several important safety features. If a staff member needs to call for assistance, a discreet alert facility communicates a message directly to a switchboard, allowing colleagues onsite to listen to conversations between a lone worker and a patient. Depending upon the situation, with this direct and secure line of communication, the support staff can make a judgement and decide if further assistance is needed, escalating or de-escalating the call level as appropriate.  

Multitone believes that the safety of both staff and patients, wherever they live or work, is of paramount importance. These security systems with their professional services and tailored software create a truly cohesive communication platform.