City safe: German municipality Langenhagen expands personal security system

Multitone’s EkoTek solution improves employees’ sense of security across the city

Langenhagen is a city situated in Lower Saxony, in the heart of northern Germany.

Since 2016, the city council has been working with Multitone Electronics to protect its employees and its citizens from threats and attacks using the award-winning personal security system, EkoTek. After the Multitone solution proved to be extremely reliable and user-friendly as part of the initial installation, additional departments have now been integrated into the system.

EkoTek is a reliable, battery operated mobile and hand-held emergency call device and personal alarm protecting employees who are at risk from threats or attack. Security staff or control centre colleagues can locate the precise position of the employee in a matter of seconds. This ensures accurate and quick targeting of support to the employee, sending messages to designated responders. The system also has alert acknowledgement and auto-escalation features, in the unlikely event that the alert went unnoticed.

The EkoTek system ensures improved security in workplaces at risk, whilst at the same time reducing pressure on external security services.

“Our employee' sense of security has improved significantly," said Mirko Heuer, Mayor of the city of Langenhagen. "Even if employees are on the move within the building, the Multitone EkoTek system is aware of their location so that assistance can be provided swiftly and efficiently," explained Florian Alfert, Head of IT and Internal Services at Langenhagen City Council.

"We are extremely pleased with our longstanding collaboration with the city of Langenhagen," said Frank Rotthoff, Managing Director of Multitone Electronic GmbH. "With EkoTek we can offer a tailor-made and user-friendly security solution for users in all kinds of different working environments and thus make a significant contribution to the high security standards maintained by the city," assured Rotthoff.


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26 February 2024