Michael steps up as Multitone’s new Head of Hardware Development

Congratulations Michael on your new appointment.

We know that design and technology has been your passion from a young age. Tell us what encouraged you into this type of work - and about your new role at Multitone.

“Thank you. I am thrilled to take on this new opportunity.

It’s true that design and technology is something I’ve always had an interest in. At school I enjoyed studying many different subjects – but D&T was my favourite. There’s nothing better than getting my hands dirty and making something.

I had the chance to learn about, and work on, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems at school. Using this skill led to work as a freelance designer and as a Design Engineer with another company.

For me, this love of all things design and technology comes as second nature. The process of 2D sketching to 3D implementation; concept development through rapid prototyping methods like 3D printing is invaluable. Ultimately, there’s nothing better than seeing a finished part hot out of the machine, or a final product in my hands.”

The past 12 months have been extremely busy for you, joining the Multitone team in 2022 – and now your new role. What attracted you to apply in the first place?

“A major draw was the prospect of working to create critical communications devices. Joining Multitone was therefore a logical next step; and one that I am relishing.

Initially I started with the company as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Then early in 2023 as the Head of Hardware Development. It’s a great job, helping colleagues to prioritise their workloads and working on projects across the company. I still get to work on the mechanical design aspects of my job too, which makes it perfect.”

Multitone is fortunate in having a number of long-serving employees. Why do you think people are so loyal to the company?

“I’m obviously new to the company; nevertheless, even in a comparatively short time I think I know the answer: dedication. People are dedicated to Multitone. We love what we do.

The culture is also important. There are plenty of opportunities to share our ideas and to shape the development of projects. The work is always interesting; and everyone here is friendly.”

Which Multitone Electronics solution most excites you – and why?

“I’m unable to share details regarding the new products we’re developing, but I can say we are passionate about the work we have put in. The products we have created are a working symphony of design and technology, which really excites me.”

What is the most interesting thing that is not on your CV – or on LinkedIn?

“I love to cook, I also love DIY…. any excuse to make something.”

Finally, if you did not work at Multitone, what would be your ideal job/profession – and why?

“Probably a F1 or GT driver... Mind you, I could say pro-golfer, but I think the fun and enjoyment of the game would be lost as a result!”


23 January 2024