Ready to respond: Jason and the Multitone team prepare for the Emergency Tech Show!

“Lives can depend on every solution we plan, build and implement; our work is of critical importance.”

In 2022 Jason Humphreys switched from the world of radio comms to join Multitone Electronics, the UK’s leading specialist developer of integrated critical communications, as part of the sales team.

Later this year, Jason takes over from Peter Eborall - Emergency Services Account Manager, who is retiring after four decades of trailblazing service in the sector. In the build-up to this year’s Emergency Tech Show, Jason reflects on his first twelve months at Multitone, why he enjoys working with the blue light services and his thoughts on the future of critical communications.

Working with the Emergency Services sector

As an Emergency Services Account Manager, it is Jason’s responsibility to understand the key requirements of Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, volunteer Lifeboat and other emergency services, in order to create tailor made solutions. Since joining Multitone, Jason has focused on understanding how each station operates, and the equipment they currently use. This initial research, combined with a thorough grounding in the company’s products, enables Jason to propose appropriate and bespoke solutions to emergency service providers. It’s not all about making the sale, but about building trust with the client as Jason explained:

“For me, it's about belief from the customers we work with, and knowing they call us up or email us, because they trust we are going to look after them, and they trust the services and products Multitone provides. I really enjoy working in this sector because it's not all about making a sale and moving on; every solution we plan, build and stay with throughout implementation has to work because lives can depend on it.”

Taking over from Peter Eborall as Emergency Services Account Manager

Peter Eborall joined Multitone in 1982 and is a familiar face to many in the emergency services field. When Peter retires after more than four decades of service to the company, Jason will step up as the principal Emergency Services Account Manager.

Jason said:

“Peter is a fantastic person to work with. He knows the Fire Services product line inside and out. This has been a significant help not only to me but to all the customers he has worked with over the years; he has never hesitated to answer when I have called to seek some advice or direction.

“When the time comes for Peter to retire it will be a sad day for Multitone as they are some big shoes to fill. I wish him nothing but happiness and relaxation during his retirement, but I know that his wife has other plans for him!”

Working at Multitone

Prior to joining Multitone a year ago, Jason was Inside Sales Manager for Radiocoms Systems Ltd and previously held other sales positions in South East England. Twelve months on, Jason is relishing his role.

“Multitone’s working culture is proactive, trusting its employees, encouraging team members to manage themselves and to take personal responsibility for their work. Furthermore, the company is constantly researching and developing new ideas to assist the different markets in which we provide solutions; the needs of our clients are continually evolving. There is a really good support system from the management team, who celebrate all the wins with us.”

The Emergency Services Show - featuring the Emergency Tech Show – showcasing Multitone’s new solutions and innovations

This year’s major event for the emergency services at Birmingham’s NEC in September is introducing a new element: the Emergency Tech Show. Working as part of the main show, it will showcase emerging technologies and innovations that are driving change in emergency services. Jason and the Multitone team are looking forward to exhibiting there as well as networking with colleagues old and new.

Jason describes why it is important:

“The Emergency Tech Show is an excellent opportunity to talk to current and prospective clients, to get feedback on our product solutions and to talk about the future of critical communications.

“Our station-end equipment and fire coder have been the heartbeat of Multitone’s business for many years. It's so reliable and all the fire stations love it. However, I am also excited about our new applications. In the Fire Services we have the Multitone Appear Crew app, and we have just released the Multitone i-Message which opens up a whole new range of conversation."

Today, Multitone is delivering solutions for bespoke integration, automation and communications systems, utilising new technologies including the company’s Hybrid Cloud Service. Jason expects to see a larger focus on cloud-based applications, although there remains a significant continuation of trust in the reliability and security of physical systems; this makes it likely that we will see a hybrid of both solutions used together in the coming years.

As the Emergency Tech Show approaches, the team are finalising their preparations for another busy event. Jason said:

“I'm always excited to show off our solutions to potential new customers. It's the best way to get instant feedback on what people understand about a solution and their impressions. Similarly, it is useful to understand the pain points clients are experiencing to enable us to show how our solutions can resolve them.”

Find out more

If you would like further information about Multitone’s solutions please contact Jason Humphreys. Telephone +44 (0) 1256 320 292 or email [email protected]


13 September 2023