Press Release: Leading hotel upgrades to new secure and integrated comms platform

Leonardo Hotels’ Hinckley Island select Multitone’s i-Message Cloud based system for next level of sophistication.

Leonardo Hotels’ four-star hotel and conference venue at Hinckley Island stands in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside and accommodates up to 1,000 guests. Formerly known as Jury’s Inn, the hotel has relied on Multitone’s solutions for more than a decade, to ensure that team communications are seamless.

The need for more sophisticated and streamlined comms The Multitone Access 5000 DECT mobile telephony system had reached end-of-life and the hotel management were keen to replace it with the latest technology, providing a more sophisticated and streamlined communication system. A large hotel and conference venue must service the needs of its guests promptly, as well as handling issues such as fire alarm activation discreetly and efficiently. It is crucial that guests are not troubled unnecessarily by incidents such as false alarms.

Multitone’s i-Message helps Leonardo to step up Following a review of Multitone’s multiple technologies, Leonardo Hotels opted for the specialist’s fully managed cloud based i-Message unified communications platform, providing mobile telephony across the site’s Wi-Fi infrastructure, plus integration with the fire alarms and fixed telephone system.

Multitone i-Message cloud runs on Amazon Web Services and acts as both a communications hub and a control centre, processing data from a myriad of sources, facilitating communication between disparate devices, executing automations and providing the administration interface for a number of Multitone solutions.

The Leonardo Hotel staff team at Hinckley Island are delighted with the new system.

Nathan Whitehead, Deputy General Manager, said: “The old Multitone system was always reliable, but we have replaced the ‘bricks’ we used to handle, which worked only in public areas, with smart new handsets which are much easier to carry and use, and work in all areas of the hotel. The staff really like the ‘social media’ style of messaging that they use as well as voice calls.”

Peter Lomax, Multitone’s Sales and Marketing Director added: “Multitone is delighted to continue supporting Leonardo Hotels with our new i-Message platform. This highly resilient platform is part of Multitone’s critical messaging solutions portfolio in use across not only hospitality and retail establishments, but also a large proportion of UK based hospitals and emergency services.”

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06 November 2023