Roundup of 2021 additions to our EkoTek range of products for staff safety and nurse call

2021 has been a busy year for Multitone, and this is especially so when it comes to our EkoTek range. EkoTek powers our wireless portable and fixed alarm solution for staff protection as well as our wireless nurse call solution (EkoCare). One of the reasons why it’s so flexible and suitable for so many workplaces across so many industries is due to the diversity of the interoperable components we offer. Read on to find out about the new additions to our EkoTek range in 2021 and what they’re used for.


EkoMS is the management software for all EkoTek-based solutions. Although EkoTek can operate without EkoMS, using EkoMS allows you to display live alarm information on screens via live alarm boards, maps and a dashboard that combines live and historical data. It also facilitates easy administration of the system and in-depth reporting. EkoMS can be displayed on PCs, tablets, touchscreen monitors and dedicated monitors with mini-PCs, and Multitone offer a range of our display options to customers. Although EkoMS was not released in 2021 for the first time, a new version was released with significantly enhanced functionality.

To learn more about EkoMS, download the brochure here.

Vandal resistant enclosures

In 2021 Multitone introduced vandal resistant enclosures for the EkoTek Repeaters and Call Point Repeaters.

Repeaters are essential for the operation of the EkoTek system, as they provide the alarm location information to the system as well as transmitting it to designated receivers via a mesh network created by the Repeaters. In the case of the Call Point Repeaters, they also include a button, allowing you to raise an alarm from a fixed device.

The vandal resistant enclosures have been introduced to protect the Repeaters from deliberate harm. This makes the EkoTek solution more robust for deployment in workplaces where vandalism is a serious hazard, such as custodial facilities, schools and mental health hospitals.


Ingress-protected Repeater

Also released in 2021, this version of the EkoTek Repeater has been designed to operate outdoors and in humid indoor environments and is protected against moisture damage. Although our solutions already had the ability to operate outdoors with our wider-area EkoSecure Dual-Band Repeaters, the addition of the EkoTek Ingress-protected Repeater allows you to have the granularity of the standard EkoTek system in small outdoor areas like courtyards or gardens. It is also ideal for humid areas indoors, allowing the system to cater to a wider range of industries and workplaces than ever before, such as spas, labs, breweries and abattoirs.

Single-button Messenger

The EkoTek Single Alarm Messenger was released in 2021 to cater to customers who only wanted their portable Messenger devices to have a single alarm button for all circumstances, rather than the blue and red options available on the standard device. This makes the system more tailored for applications where it only serves a single purpose. For example, if the system is deployed in a healthcare setting to summon help from security when faced with violence or a threat of violence, then the single button provides an unambiguous way of calling for aid.

To learn more about the entire EkoTek system, take a look at our staff safety solution page or our wireless nurse call solution page.